— A look back at 2012 and a vision for 2013 —

The months since our opening on September 15th 2012 are somewhat of a blur. So much has happened so quickly and I can’t believe we’ve already been open for four months!

We’ve been so blessed with a tremendously supportive community and have cultivated the best group of craft beer enthusiasts (that’s all of you!) in the Rogue Valley. Our growth and success is due entirely to your support and we can’t thank you enough.

When we started this brewery we probably didn’t know nearly as much as we should. What we did know was that we wanted to provide a fun place for folks to hang out and drink a few pints without pretense or expectation. I think we’ve achieved that. The rest, we’ve learned as we’ve gone… and I like to think we’re getting better every day.

Thus far, our production volume has continued to increase month over month and we’re working hard to keep up with demand. As most of you know we’ve already tripled the size of our brew system, which has eased the workload a bit. Our first batch on the 1.5bbl system has already been kegged, and while we’ve done our best to capture the same flavor and character you’ve all come to love, we’d ask for your patience and understanding while we dial in the new system. Like food, beer recipes don’t always scale mathematically – and there’s some artistic correction that inevitably must be made when going from one size system to another. You can help by providing us with your honest feedback and telling us how we can make each brew better. In the mean time, we’ll (as always) continue to strive to provide you with the best tasting beer in the valley!

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be making yet another major change to the brewery. Our current fleet of plastic kegs will be retired and a new and increased fleet of steel kegs will be put into service. Our plastic kegs have been great – but our current and planned growth dictates a transition to a more durable and serviceable product.

Looking to the future, we will continue our production and sales increases and will begin establishing some draft accounts in town. We’ll be taking a more active and visible role in the local craft beer community this year and plan on participating in a number of well known beer events in the Rogue Valley. We’ll also be expanding our merchandise offerings and coming up with new and exciting designs in collaboration with Legionnaire apparel.

Through all of this, though, our focus will remain on serving the craft beer enthusiasts of the Rogue Valley right here in the tap house. We have many special events in mind for 2013 and look forward to celebrating great beer with the amazing group of individuals committed to the Apocalypse Brewing product and philosophy.

So from the entire Apocalypse Crew – thank you all so very much, and here’s to an amazing 2013!!!