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[About Us]



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Having survived a near fatal shot from the employment fire-sale of the great recession of 2009, in early 2011 Nick Ellis was once again staring down the barrel of economic downsizing. Already contemplating a career change, he and his wife Erin decided to take a proactive approach to their future employment.

The two began discussing the feasibility of turning their love, appreciation, and homebrew production of quality craft beer into a full-time occupation.

The time was right and the two agreed that there was an opportunity for success in the launch of a Nano Brewery in the Rogue Valley. By mid 2011 they had fully committed to the idea, and Apocalypse Brewing Company was launched.

Shortly thereafter, good friends Dennis and Penni Poncia became involved in the business, providing planning and development support. During this time, Nick and Dennis were also actively brewing and developing recipes on the homebrew setup that would eventually become the brewery’s first production system.

After many hours, weeks, and months of construction and build-out, Apocalypse Brewing finally opened its doors on September 15, 2012.

With an overwhelming initial response and production volumes quickly surpassing original targets, the Apocalypse team upgraded to their current 1.5 barrel system in February of 2013.

In 2013, after less than a year in operation, Apocalypse Brewing was forced to make a very significant and difficult business decision. Facing an attack by a team of lawyers representing 10 Barrel Brewing company, and their claims of dominion over the word “Apocalypse” in the sale of beer, the Apocalypse Brewing Company was forced to change its name. Having been out-lawyered and out-spent by the corporate juggernaut that is 10 Barrel Brewing, Apocalypse Brewing became Opposition Brewing Company in October of 2013. Despite this frustrating challenge, in the end – we believe the experience, and the name change served us well.

[Our Philosopy]

Hailing from the great Pacific Northwest, the owners of Opposition Brewing Company continue to honor the ingredients produced here as much as possible in their brews. And while embracing the technology available to us now, they know that it could all go away tomorrow, so they believe in a brewing process that is distilled as far down as reasonably possible while still achieving consistently excellent results. You won’t see lots of advanced equipment at Opposition Brewing Company – only what is absolutely necessary to make the beer you love to drink.

[Our Location]

We are located at 545 Rossanley Drive, Suite 106 – 1.2miles from I-5, and just over the bridge from the new REI and Trader Joe’s!

From I-5, take Exit 30. If traveling northbound on I-5, turn left at the stoplight onto Hwy 62. If traveling southbound on I-5, turn right at the stoplight onto Hwy 62. Continue on Hwy 62 for approximately 1.2 miles (passing through several lights, crossing over Hwy99, and passing the REI and Trader Joes complex on your left). Proceed straight through the intersection of Sage and Rossanley (you’re now on Rossanley by the way) and look for the Human Bean (and our sandwich board sign) on the left! Turn into driveway and look for the brewery in the back of the building on your left. You’ve made it!

[Our Team]


Nick Ellis


Erin Ellis


Charlie Ellis

Brewery Ambassador/
Chief Fun Officer

Dennis Poncia

Co-Owner/Head Brewer

Penni Poncia

Co-Owner/Operations Support

Morgan Poncia

Operations Support