Why Are We Doing This?!?!

Why Are We Doing This?!?!

The general consensus by most in the brewing industry is that Nano-Breweries are an insane proposition. The idea of surviving on a nano, or even pico scale is a concept that has, for the most part, been a challenge at best and a disaster at worst for most who’ve thrown their hat into this ring. So, why, might your ask, did we decide to roll the dice on Apocalypse Brewing? The answer is really three fold.

First, we believe we can produce a product that will attract customers and bring an exciting and pleasurable craft beer experience to a region that is dreadfully lacking (in comparison to our neighbors here in Oregon) in brewery operations. Indeed, while the Rogue Valley has seen a renaissance in the wine industry over the past decade, the beer scene has been rather subdued… this despite the fact that beer, quality craft beer, has the same level of depth and complexity as wine. We hope to drive change in that regard.

Second, and a bit more personal, I was staring down the barrel of corporate downsizing and rather than wait for the trigger to be pulled, decided to take a proactive approach to my employment status. I’ve been marching to the drum of major employers my whole life, and while rarely completely unhappy in my job, I can’t say that I have ever been truly fulfilled either. Brewing has become more than just a hobby for me, it has become an outlet by which I can produce something of my own rather than peddle the wares of others. And, so, with much encouragement from my amazing wife, she and I both decided it was time to take a risk and have a go at self employment doing something I have come to love so much.

Third, I think the time is perfect for the pico/nano brewing industry. In recent years there has been a tremendous movement towards the purchase of local product from local vendors. The concept of sustainable commerce, whereby companies are owned, managed, and supported by members of the community they serve has finally found traction and it is this paradigm that nano-brewing fits so perfectly. Additionally, the idea of purchasing raw materials locally, producing a quality product with those materials, and providing the finished goods to the community in which they were produced is exactly the concept behind Apocalypse Brewing. There are currently no plans for distribution of our product beyond the Rogue Valley. No fancy equipment used in the production process. And as little money as possible leaving the Rogue Valley. Indeed, Apocalypse Brewing is a perfect fit for this region and the region is a perfect fit for Apocalypse Brewing.

We are committed to providing you with the best product possible and hope to see you in the (future) tap house on a regular basis!